What makes Emmeloord (Noordoostpolder) so special.

I can explain it in 3 pictures.


This was The Netherlands until 1932.
In the middle there was a rough inland sea (the Southern Sea), witch was directly connected with the North Sea
and what caused from time to time a lot of problems.

After a flood in 1916 we decided that the Zuiderzee would be enclosed and reclaimed: The Zuiderzee Works started.
The man in charge was the engineer Mr. Lely.


Between 1927 and 1932 we build a ‘closure dike’ running from the North Holland province the Friesland province,
over a length of 32 kilometers (20 mi)
and a width of 90 meters (300 ft),
at an initial height of 7.25 meter.

That made the rough former Southern Sea into a calm and quiet lake. It closed off the sea completely.


Now it was time to reclame the sea.

We started in 1939 with the Noordoostpolder (with capital Emmeloord).
This new land included the former islands of Urk and Schokland.

After this, other parts were reclaimed:

the Southeastern part in 1957 (Lelystad)
and the Southwestern part in 1968.(Almere).

There was an important change in these post-war projects from the earlier Noordoostpolder reclamation:
a narrow body of water was preserved along the old coast to stabilise the water table and to prevent coastal towns from losing their access to the sea.

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Summer tip :

Trip over the IJsselmeer in 90 minutes.
from Urk to Enkhuizen

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