Car License plate


In The Netherlands the license plate is linked to the car.  You cannot choose.
The plate consists of six sequences. All sequences contain three pairs of characters and digits.
You can figure out the age of the car on the license plate.

Note: this is only for private cars, not for company cars (Not for trucks and lorries)
PVV, KKK and TBS (psychiatric prison) are on a short list of banned combinations.

Serie from YEAR Combination
1 1951 XX-99-99
2 1965 99-99-XX
3 1973 99-XX-99
4 1978 XX-99-XX
5 1991 XX-XX-99
6 2000 99-XX-XX
7 2008 99-XXX-9
8 2013 9-XXX-99 (short list)
9 2015 XX-999-X
10 2019 X-999-XX

X = character 9 = digit